What makes your engine REALLY yours?

At my shop, I do not start any builds before they are ordered. Nothing is here "ready to go" the day you contact us so we do not push something on you just because it is available and sitting. These builds really are custom for the specific use they will see. That does of course make for a longer wait time, but when someone is spending this amount of money, I think the end product is more important than the timeframe.

I really do every build 100% specific for the end user. Let's go over some of the factors that really make the engine you order YOUR engine:

-First and foremost the application of the engine is addressed. A race-only engine will be radically different than one that is going to live on the street running pump fuel. Different parts and a different approach are necessary and I really spend time making sure that above everything, we are using the right components in your engine to run as it should and to be reliable over time. One size does not fit all in engine building

-While every block here gets typically the same machining operations, the specific application of the engine is taken into account during the machining process. That will vary our clearances in the engine, where we machine the deck height to, etc. Your nitrous engine for example, might look the same as the turbo engine next to it, but the differences inside are pretty major.

-Assembly: Same as the machining operations, the engine is built with the clearances it needs for what exactly you are using it for.

-Our camshafts are truly a custom piece, specific to your engine, your goals, your usage, your vehicle, etc. Every engine we do (that is ordered with a camshaft of course) receives a custom grind and we go through an entire spec sheet with the customer before ordering. Whether drivability or max effort is the goal, we get it. 

Hopefully this gives some insight on what is done to your engine to really make it "yours" when it is ordered from ZSR.