I could have had my motor built anywhere and looked at a lot of known engine builders and decided on Zach and not regretted it. He pays a great attention to detail and is as honest as they come. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Hopefully when we get this car on the track we can show off this guy's talent.      


Hi Zach
I am currently assembling the block you delivered.
Very good work - I build race engines for 35 years now and i check every bore and bearing. Over these years i 
did not find many companys who deliver such kind of craftmanship.
                                               -Peter from Germany

Just made the first 2nd gear pull and holy sh*t. Cant wait to see what it can really do. 


Hope you've been well. Just wanted to give you a little update. Few days ago I got the car around to getting tuned and am super happy with the results. Car made 571whp and 614wtq. With the turbo 400 and torque converter slip that's a very respectable horsepower number I think. Motor has more in it but I don't have a different wastegate spring to up the boost . The motor sounds extremely healthy and doesn't blow even a small bit of smoke. You did an incredible job and I want to say thank you for your attention to detail and build quality of the engines you produce. 


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It's a tire shredder 1st through 2nd. 
Awesome build.
Thx man!


Getting a engine built by someone you don't know can be a scary thing but after seeing your shop and how particular you are about thing and now listening to this motor run I'm extremely glad I went with you.


ZSR Reviews

Won the heat race by a straight away. Second in the feature turning 7400 rpm every lap on the first night.

Then won the feature a few weeks later. This engine is amazing.


Hey Zach, with 13 lbs on big pulley it made today 581 hp to the wheels and 547 ft lbs of torque. Safe tune. Very nice. Thanks for such nice work. I am very pleased so far. Don't hesitate to reach out to me for references. I would be happy to give you that anytime