Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order an engine unassembled?

-Yes you can. We prefer to sell our engines assembled so we know everything has been checked and assembled correctly. However if you wish to build your own engine, contact us for a quote. 

Can I supply some of my own parts?

-Yes that is fine with us. All that we ask is that we have the final say in a component being adequate for your build. 

I have a machined block from another shop. Will you assemble it for me?

-Typically no, we will not. I have to put my name on it when it leaves and I don't want my name on others machining.

am on a tight budget. When looking at secondhand parts, what should I absolutely avoid buying "used?"

-This is only my opinion, but I would NEVER purchase used cylinder heads. That is the number #1 mistake I see. It has happened countless times that a customer will bring in some "low mileage" heads that needed so much work, buying new would have cost the same. Other things I would avoid would be lifters, rockers, dampers, timing sets, etc. Anything internal or that spins, I wouldn't gamble. It costs more money to do it right the second time.

Can I send you my unmachined block for a build?


Can I pickup my engine vs having it shipped?

-For sure. Come pick up the engine and hang out with us at the shop for a minute. 

If I am out of state, do I have to pay sales tax?

-You do not. Only Missouri residents are required to pay sales tax

Do I have to pay for a build in-full upfront?

-No, all that is required to get a build started is a 50% deposit. 

Will you build my engine if it isn't a Ford?

-Unfortunately we won't; Ford-only here :)