Hey guys, this is Zach, the owner of ZSR.

To give a little background on me, I got started in racing and engine building, like most, at an early age when my dad was drag racing frequently in his 67 Mustang. Machining (CNC and manual) and engine building is the only "career" I have had in my adult life. I was fortunate enough to learn from some very smart people and to this day I am still applying what they taught me to these builds (with my own "ideas" too of course).

 I started this shop to follow a dream above anything else and also to show that quality over quantity can still exist and survive in today's world. I believed that my attention to detail and quality control really gave customers a little something extra. 

My shop specializes in Small Block Ford and Big Block Ford engines. I do not offer any other engines currently. Give ZSR a chance and see why we are chosen by hundreds of customers and also by other shops that sell our engines as their own. 

We are small two-person shop, quality-driven, nothing is mass produced here. I am the only person here that machines or builds any of the engines so if you have any questions, you can always go directly to the person that did the work; not just whoever answered the phone.

I take it very seriously that I am being trusted with your hard earned dollars and thanks again for considering my shop for your engine needs.

Take care,