First I would like to say thank you for your purchase and trusting our shop with your hard-earned money. Here are some steps that need to be taken to ensure that your engine will last a long time for you and perform the way it should.


-If you are supplying the damper and flywheel/flexplate, be sure to double check that they match to balance configuration of the engine.


-All engines MUST be primed before starting for the first time regardless of the application. Even if we dyno’d the engine, I still strongly suggest priming the engine before you start it on your own. If this step is skipped, it can do very serious damage to your engine from a potential dry start. The process is very simple: take a priming tool and turn the oil pump shaft counter clockwise. You will feel the drill load up once the pump starts building pressure and I suggest priming until you have oil at every rocker. Every 30 seconds or so, turn the engine over ¼ turn or so and continue priming. If you have any questions please get ahold of us.


-Once you get the engine running, set the ignition timing with a timing light and check for any leaks. These engines do not require a “break-in” per say (as long as it is a roller camshaft), just let the engine run for a few minutes and be very careful not to wash the cylinders with fuel. Take the car out and get a load on the engine as soon as possible. After a few minutes of run time, the engine is ready to race.


-We get asked often how soon to do the first oil change. If we dyno an engine, I run the same oil the entire time and then change it once we pull it off the dyno. For an engine that goes straight into the car, I like to make a couple passes or around 50 miles of runtime and then change the oil and filter.


-Here are my oil suggestions. I suggest running a semi-synthetic atleast for the first startup oil. After that, you can switch to a full synthetic. The higher the zinc content the better.

                -Extreme Racing Brands Oil

                -PennGrade One Oil

                -Any quality filter like Motorcraft, K&N, Wix, etc will work great


-Thanks again for your purchase. If you have ANY questions at all please call the shop at 573-693-1611

New Engine Break-In/ Prep